Are High Gas Prices Kind of Like Sending Americans to Rehab?

Question by Pragmatist: Are high gas prices kind of like sending Americans to rehab?
Since high gas prices help “cure” Americans of their addiction to oil & make alternative energy more economical to use which will help reduce global warming & in the long run, hurt middle eastern oil producers who directly or indirectly finance terrorists are high gas prices really bad?

Or is supporting countries like Saudi Arabia (where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from), Iran (nuke weapons), Hugo Chavez Socialists dictator, & Russia better for America?

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Answer by delphi
Yes but like some Hollywood stars it may take awhile to be effective.

Answer by david v
I agree with the thought of denying the Middle east our money but rather then “punish” ourselves with high prices why not drill our own oil that according to the latest studies could match the Saudis production for the next 70 years.
At the same time work on some VIABLE alternative fuels making the transition actually feasable without bankrupting our economy.