Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

Question by onetimeuse1234: Anyone voluntarily went to drug rehab?
Ok…I have to be quick cuz my boyfriend is abusive. I had to create a new account so that I could post this. Anyhow, I’m addicted to meth severely! Daily use, probably 10 foils a day. No exaggeration. I WANT to quit and go to rehab. I dont have a way to research this without him finding out. I want out of this life. How long do they keep you? Whats it like? Where Should I go? Can I smoke? (cigarettes). I’m from Michigan. Please if someone could do the research for me and post it, I would appreciate it very much!! I also assist in manufacturing it at my home so I don’t want the cops to find out anything before I get help and get this shit out of my life for good……..

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Answer by Panacea
Just go to any emergency room and tell them you want a referral to inpatient rehab. They’ll probably hook you into the community mental health system.

Answer by NurseBunny
My fiance is a recovering addict who voluntarily went to rehab several years ago. I would be glad to research Michigan treatment centers for you but you need to decide whether you want inpatient or outpatient treatment (my guess is inpatient). Also, do you have somewhere else you can go when you get out so that you don’t go back to the same situation? Can you continue with outpatient treatment if needed? (Ex: Methadone clinic appointments, counseling, etc). These are things you need to consider as well. This is the number for US Drug Rehab, they can help you locate a facility anywhere in the US and get you set up…1-866-449-1490.
Email me if I can do anything to help!
Good luck, you have a hard road ahead of you!


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