Help! I Need to Go to a Drug Rehab but Can’t Afford It, Any Suggestions on How to Find a Sponser?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Help! I need to go to a drug rehab but can’t afford it, any suggestions on how to find a sponser?
SHould I write a newspaper article, contact the news, etc..? If I don’t get help soon, I will die. I am 33 and believe it or not, am still articulate and preety. My parents used to have money years ago but my Dad did some bad business investments and now we’re broke. My Mom only makes $ 24,000 as a Catholic school teacher and I cannot work because of my addiction as well as severe depressioin and anxiety. There are cheap treatment centers but they are mainly for street people or people that are court ordered and don’t want to really be there. I want to go somewhere with people who really want to get better. I want to go somewhere comforting, serene, beautifiul with very caring staff that enjoy their jobs. I have found several places that would be perfect but they are around $ 14,000 a month and I’d atleast need to go 2 months I think. My Mom could probably pay atleast $ 5000 at the most and that’d still hurt her financially. I have been an addict for almost 20 years and (Cont’d)

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Answer by Liz
just because people are there doesn’t mean they want to be no matter what the cost. There are people in those really plush rehabs that have been forced by their families to go…

Go down to medicaid. Apply for assistance… if they deny you call your local congress person. call the papers… the news fight!!!! It doesn’t matter where you go so long as you go.. The treatment is the same. There are people in the ‘lesser’ rehabs that want it worse than someone living the good life because they are fighting for their lives.

It works if you work it, It won’t if you don’t, so work it, your worth it.

and get a shrink too… if you suffer depression and anxiety, they are the cause of your illness… the drugs are a symptom, not the cause.

p.s. 14years clean and serene 2/2007

Answer by gk
start with AA. They can truly help. all you have to do is get there and let them.


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