Does Anyone Know of an Inpatient High Dosage Methadone Detox Center or Rehab in NYC?

Question by : Does anyone know of an inpatient high dosage Methadone detox center or rehab in NYC?
I need to find an inpatient HIGH DOSAGE Methadone detox facility or rehab in NY. It could be in any of the 5 boroughs of NYC or I would even look into one in Nassau county on Long Island. Does anyone know of any place or even have any suggestions of websites or phone numbers I could call to locate one? I’m not having any luck in internet searches and it seems we are calling all the wrong places.
Or it could be in Florida if nothing for NY… Thank you for the Novus info, we had called them earlier and they would have been absolutely perfect if it wouldn’t have cost over $ 10,000.

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Answer by Amy Bella
Novus Medical Detox Center ( announced this week that they have successfully detoxed a number of patients that had been taking high daily doses of methadone–something few other medical detox facilities will even attempt. These successful detoxifications were normally completed in under two weeks. Novus has successfully treated patients on as much as 400 milligrams of methadone.

High Dose Methadone Detox

More and more people who have gone to methadone clinics as a “treatment” for heroin addiction are taking doses of from 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams a day of methadone. After a time they decide that they are not able to safely function in their jobs and want to stop taking methadone. However, they find that when they try to taper down or stop altogether, that the pain of the withdrawal is too great and they return to the high dose they were taking.

We are going to talk about what methadone is and what it is not. Then we will set forth a program that will allow someone to withdraw from methadone on their own, and how they can do the withdrawal at Novus Medical Detox Center.

Call Novus any time at



Many people do not feel that the withdrawal schedule listed above is right for them. Sometimes it is because they know that they cannot keep their job if their performance is impaired or if they have to miss very many days of work. Sometimes they just don’t believe that they or their family can handle the stress of following the withdrawal regimen set forth above. These people want to get through their withdrawal in a couple of weeks or less and be under the 24/7 care of experienced medical professionals.

Here is what will happen when you come to Novus:

You will check into Novus Medical Detox Center and the Novus medical staff will design a taper for you;

You will be given IV’s daily with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids like glutathione and GABA;

You will have a private or comfortable shared room equipped with a television, DVD player and internet connection;

You will have delicious food;

You will not be on a set schedule;

You will not be required to go to group meetings but can have one-on-one interactions with our staff when you request them;

You will be given medications to control the withdrawal pain;

You will be given natural supplements to help you feel better;

You will have your taper adjusted to ensure that you are able to most comfortably withdraw;

You will leave Novus in 10 to 14 days off all drugs;

You will be given instructions on how to continue with IM vitamins and helped to select an after-care program that works for you.

You can read the success stories of people who have successfully withdrawn from methadone at Novus.


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