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Does Anyone Know of an Inpatient High Dosage Methadone Detox Center or Rehab in NYC?

Question by : Does anyone know of an inpatient high dosage Methadone detox center or rehab in NYC?
I need to find an inpatient HIGH DOSAGE Methadone detox facility or rehab in NY. It could be in any of the 5 boroughs of NYC or I would even look into… Continue reading

How to Recover From a Lost Childhood?

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by Esthr

Question by Ophelia: How to recover from a lost childhood?
Ever since I was 9, my life has been going downhill for me. I was adoptedd at 10 months because my mother was a dug addict and diabetic, schetzofrenic, and poor. My father was unknown. My parents told… Continue reading

Where Can I Find a Fertility Clinic in Brooklyn?

drug treatment programs in nyc
by Esthr

Question by L F: where can i find a fertility clinic in brooklyn?
i would like to sell my eggs for needy woman who cannt have children

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Answer by ????
I don’t know of any egg donation clinics in Brooklyn specifically, but there are several different… Continue reading

Drug Addiction……..?

Question by matt b: Drug Addiction……..?
About two years ago I had back sugery. Long story short I have been addicted to pain killers since then. As soon as my doctor cut me off, i went straight to the streets. Its been ruining my life, and i’m… Continue reading

Finding a Hobby After Quitting Drugs?

Question by athomewithkyle: Finding a hobby after quitting drugs?
I’m a 19 year old male who went away to college freshman year. Prior to going away, I found myself involved with alcohol and marijuana. I think I was led to this path after I tore my ACL playing baseball when… Continue reading

Is the Ypsilanti Mental Institution Still Standing?

Question by Amriel: is the Ypsilanti mental institution still standing?
is it still standing? i mean would we be able to get in? if not, is their any other abandoned mental institutions that are still standing and that are open to the public?

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Answer by ranunculusviridis
Ypsilanti State… Continue reading

What Are the Statistic of the Use and Abuse of the Drug Xanax?

Question by LOADED: What are the statistic of the use and abuse of the drug Xanax?
Any websites that will tell me the use and abuse in teens and adults.

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Answer by Ed

This website tells you the percentage of the population that has used the drug.… Continue reading

Brittany Ozarowski's Alleged Cancer Scam Shocks Long Island Community

Brittany Ozarowski's Alleged Cancer Scam Shocks Long Island Community

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Her attorney, George Duncan, said if the allegations of a drug problem are true, his client's actions reflect a person who "obviously went to great lengths to support that habit and she is in… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Offer by MUSC


Substance abuse treatment programs offer by MUSC – Substance abuse treatment programs offer by MUSC.


Drug Court graduation, rally kick off national campaign – Lompoc Record

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Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara. After Monday's ceremony, Kealm recalled how he had tried but failed before… Continue reading

How Will I Get More Information About Drug Rehab Programs in Syracuse, New York?

Question by destinee d: How will I get more information about drug rehab programs in Syracuse, New York?
I’m doing a research paper about the different strategies being employed by staff of such programs to treat drug dependents and I badly need some credible sources of information.

Best answer:… Continue reading