Where Can I Find a Fertility Clinic in Brooklyn?

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by Esthr

Question by L F: where can i find a fertility clinic in brooklyn?
i would like to sell my eggs for needy woman who cannt have children

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I don’t know of any egg donation clinics in Brooklyn specifically, but there are several different places you can go to in NYC if you’re thinking about donating your eggs.

Here are some places you can contact if you want to become an egg donor:

The RMA of New York:

Northeast Assisted Fertility Group:

Egg Donation NYC:

Cornell Egg Donor:

The New York Donor Egg Program:

You should really look into the egg donation process and read about it in detail before you decide to donate your eggs, though. Egg donation is NOT something to be taken lightly. It requires a major effort on your part. I’m currently in the process of donating my eggs right now, and let me tell you, it is NOT a walk in the park. Egg donation is extremely time-consuming. During the donation cycle, you will be given medications for about three weeks, and you will make several visits to the doctor for blood tests and ultrasounds. You basically get pumped full of fertility drugs for three or four weeks, which makes many women bloated, cranky, nauseous, overly emotional, and generally uncomfortable. You have to be ready, willing, and able to go to the doctor several times a week to be monitored while you’re on the fertility drugs, and you have to give yourself shots in the stomach at home every single night. You will be responsible for arranging your work or school schedule to fit the demands of egg donation. Many donors find it difficult to continue their normal activities while they’re in the process of egg donation. They have trouble keeping up at school or on the job, and in fulfilling their family responsibilities. You will be required to refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using illegal drugs during the egg donation process. You will not be able to use any prescription or non-prescription drugs without permission. If you are in a sexual relationship, you must abstain from unprotected intercourse during specific weeks of the treatment cycle. It’s not easy, believe me. It takes a LOT of time and dedication.

However, it can be extremely rewarding to help an infertile woman conceive a child. By donating your eggs, you are giving a loving couple the gift of life, and the miracle of a baby — the most precious gift one person can possibly give to another!

To read more about what is involved in the egg donation process, look here:

I hope that helped!


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