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Few Calif. Police Have Undergone State Mental Health Training

...  Calif. Police Have Undergone State Mental Health Training However, few have completed an additional 40-hour state-certified Crisis Intervention Training course on assisting individuals with mental health issues, drug use, suicidal behavior and other problems. For example: 12% of police officers in Oakland are … Read more on California Healthline … Continue reading

Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

...  I go? Can I smoke? (cigarettes). I’m from Michigan. Please if someone could do the research for me and post it, I would appreciate it very much!! I also assist in manufacturing it at my home so I don’t want the cops to find out anything before I get… Continue reading

Mental Health Services Set to Improve Across the US

Mental Health Services Set to Improve Across the US … mental health care provider per 72 people. Newsweek's coverage of the study, which assessed levels of mental health based on 29 factors, included a map of what researchers conclude are the healthiest counties. …. why is it that there always… Continue reading

My Friend Is Addicted to Shooting Up Crack.. Is There a Group for ME?

...  especially for friends and families of alcoholics/addicts. I went for a few years and was really helpful. al-anon is worldwide and there should be a few in your area. Hope it helps you. Answer by Voiceless PodiumOn this site, there is supportive friends and family section It’s for people… Continue reading

Is There a List of Alcohol/mental Health Treatment Centers for Northern California?

by Fire Monkey Fish Question by [email protected]: Is there a list of alcohol/mental health treatment centers for Northern California? Best answer: Answer by natalyajacksonfor humboldt county, call humboldt county mental health alcohol/other drug programs (AOD)…7074764054 and ask them. some inpatient programs are singing trees in garberville for 28 days,… Continue reading

Efforts Increased to Reduce Heroin, Prescription Drug Addiction in Macomb … – the Macomb Daily

...  turning prescription drug addicts into heroin addicts. Heroin …and more »drug addiction – Google News   BioCorRx Treatment: A Boon to Drug Addiction – SmallCap NetworkBioCorRx Treatment: A Boon to Drug AddictionSmallCap NetworkDrug addiction is an epidemic that has afflicted many millions of people across the globe. In… Continue reading

I Was Wondering if Someone Is on Pain Management for a Long Period of Time and Who Isn’t a Drug Addict.?

...  more on St. George Daily Spectrum  Local police taking in big amounts of unwanted pills; event planned Saturday National statistics help confirm reasons for concern: 6.8 million Americans abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. And overdoses of prescription medications killed… Continue reading

Tennessee Bill Could Send Addicted Moms to Jail

...  access is that drug treatment centers with more than 16 beds can't bill Medicaid for residential services provided to low-income adults. The restriction is due to a decades-old federal law designed to prevent Medicaid funding … Read more on MedPage Today  Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment Of… Continue reading

ABQ Councilor Proposes Tax Hike for Mental Health, Drug Services

...  councilor proposes tax hike for mental health, drug services In 2007 and 2008, the City eliminated a ¼ cent tax for basic services and in 2010 the City of Albuquerque cut social services programs by 5%. Soon after, we experienced the greatest economic downfall since the Great Depression.… Continue reading

Part II: Heroin Addicts Face Barriers to Treatment

...  II: Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment Patty DiRenzo pauses as she uses a computer at her home in Blackwood, N.J., to look online for people seeking help for drug addiction. Her son … NEW YORK — As the ranks of heroin users rise, increasing numbers of addicts are… Continue reading