'Bright Kid' on Intervention Program Has Convictions Imposed and Gets Jail Time

'Bright kid' on intervention program has convictions imposed and gets jail time

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A drug defendant told not to associate with his girlfriend and who had been in three treatment programs admitted to violating his probation Monday. Jared S. Shepherd, 23, of 3291 E. Ohio 162, New London, admitted to three probation violations.
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Heroin & Alcohol Killed 'Glee' Star Monteith, Coroner Says

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"And that wasn't the reality. Monteith wasn't a high school football star. He was a high school dropout. … Monteith got into drugs at age 13. He dropped out of school at 16 and found work as a Wal-Mart greeter and a taxi driver. At 19, he checked …
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Suspending A-Rod And Ryan Braun Could Jeopardize The Credibility Of MLB's

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With major media outlets asserting that MLB is considering imposing at least 100-game bans against Rodriguez and Braun, an evaluation of MLB's Join Drug Prevention and Treatment Program demonstrates that imposing such discipline may not be in MLB's …
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