Do Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Really Work?

Question by ciana db: Do substance abuse treatment programs really work?
I have pretty much lived a sheltered life. I have an acquaintance who is going to undergo substance abuse treatment and I was just wondering whether such programs are effective.

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Answer by aryanna c
Well, the aim of substance abuse treatment programs is to make the patient abstain from taking the substance that he happens to be dependent upon. It also aims to bring back his productivity, be it in the family, workplace, or community. Studies have shown that such programs have significantly decreased the usage of drugs and alcohol as well as diminished criminal activity. It has also paved the way to the reduction of the proliferation of HIV infection, as well as other diseases. Keep in mind, though, that the success of treatment programs such as this still relies upon the individual. Your acquaintance, after finishing with the program, will have to continually avoid being lured to do drugs or alcohol again.

Answer by lhee0726_gb

Purpose: “The purpose of a substance abuse program is to establish and maintain a drug free, alcohol free, safe, healthy work environment for all employees.”