Drug and Alcohol Rehabs: Tips on How to Go About the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Process

After the great achievement of starting the substance free life comes one other very delicate part of the journey to complete drug and alcohol rehab. Let’s agree on the fact that there is a great difference between taking the decision to do away with addicting substances and to effectively keeping them away from you. In all the cases there is always a starting point without which we would never talk about drug and alcohol rehab.

Keeping a drug and alcohol free life consists of all the initiatives that one undertakes to avoid falling back into dependence. In the past when the substance abuse was still a very rare phenomenon, all the main efforts put in place so far to try to fight it were to proof its harmful effects. Today it has been established that more efforts have to be put in the second part of drug and alcohol rehab process which is to live the substance free life.

In order to be sure of where we are going it is important know what exactly we want. Most of the people who go through drug and alcohol rehab seem to miss the point because once they stop consuming substances, their enemy becomes their body reactions to this break. Since the body reactions will only cease after a given period of time after the last intake, it turns out to be like fighting the wrong enemy without success. This usually causes most people who engage in drug and alcohol rehab to give up after a short period of time.

In the process of drug and alcohol rehab, these body reactions are termed drug withdrawal. Depending on the particular substance it is important to know the expected symptoms of the withdrawal. Though most of them can be dealt with by simple perseverance some can be treated with medication. The chemical treatment in this case will just serve like the pain killers does when we have headache that is not really solving the problem at the source. Therefore we are left with developing the new habit of living without drugs.

Let’s but all together our goal in drug and alcohol rehab.

Overcoming the withdrawal symptoms
Developing the drug free life style

The question left should be how do we develop this life style? Let’s examine the different things that influence our life style. As we live each day we gather information from all our five senses that is we gather images, sounds, scents, tastes and feelings from our skin. In the same way that a set information caused one to be addicted, we have to put together another set information to will produce the reverse effect. To make it plain with an example, if a person decides to stop tobacco consumption and then goes to places where he sees people smoking and even catches the scent of cigarette, this person is very likely to fall back into dependence because the more you get information about something the more you are urged to do that thing. A better situation would be if the person were surrounded by all sort of information that suggest a complete drug free life then these would ease the persons passage to detoxification.

Drug and alcohol rehab requires that an addict should stay away from all sort of images, sounds, tastes, feelings and scents that suggest drug and alcohol addiction as much as possible. This is somehow why some people reported about their failures in their complete detoxification. It takes much support from family and friends to be able to complete the process. However it worth taking that step because it is better to be able to chose what pleases you and chose when you want to get pleasure from it that to be controlled by drugs. It should be noted however that there is no guarantee that following these rules will secure your drug and alcohol rehab process. For generations now it has been known that if there be any thing man cannot do then God can do it for you. The only thing man can do is to suggest treatment but God is the only one who heals.

Nelson Kana is currently a Youth Worker in a local Youth Ministry in Cameroon and has been carrying out researches on drug and alcohol rehab [http://www.drugandalcoholrehab.ebottabi.com/]

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