Drug Testing All Students Would Violate the Fourth Amendment

Drug testing all students would violate the Fourth Amendment
In a recent Vindicator story, Boardman schools Superintendent Frank Lazzeri comments on drug policies: “We are trying to help kids make better decisions. We believe that there is not just a local drug problem, there is a national drug problem.” With …
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America's Heroin Epidemic: Where to Find Help
NBC News' series "Hooked: America's Heroin Epidemic" (April 7-9) shows just how devastating drug abuse can be on individuals and families. If you or anyone you know is battling a substance abuse problem, the resources below can offer help.
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Groups call for governor to veto legislation that criminalizes drug use while
Gardenhire said the punishment needs to be strong to deter drug use while pregnant. He said the legislation encourages women, including minorities and those in poverty, to get help. "I can't believe these groups will support drug addicts," he said …
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