Entering a Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by hornsfan1134: entering a drug rehab facility?
im curious to know what goes on in a drug rehab.. my friend does drugs, quiet often.. and is quiet broke because of it.. he does meth once every two months or so… coke probably once a week, and smokes weed like people smoke cigs, i bet he gets high 10 times aday… i want him to enter rehab and i want to explain to him what all goes on.. what the facility is like… if it can be kept private, how much it cost.. what he actually does inside the facility… etc …. hes been doing weed for about 5 year’s, hes 19, meth for about 8-10months, and coke for about the same duration

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Answer by weeza
only he can make the decision to go into rehab
all rehabs are different

Answer by peaceyolinda
every one of the rehabfacility is different. Call the one you’re thinking of going to and ask. For 19 your friend has a multi proplem. GOOD LUCK!!


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