Group Pays Drug Addicts to Get Sterilized or Receive Long-Term Birth Control

Group pays drug addicts to get sterilized or receive long-term birth control

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A controversial nonprofit group is seeking out drug-addicted women and paying them cold hard cash to get sterilized. The group, Project Prevention, hangs stark ads in clinics and homeless shelters to reel in drug users. The posters feature hard-hitting …
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Treating Addiction as a Disease, not a Crime

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By Rebecca McCray, Criminal Law Reform Project at 4:05pm Like many who suffer from addiction, Cameron Douglas' path to recovery has not been without setbacks. Currently incarcerated in federal prison on a five-year sentence for drug distribution and …
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Fla. DCF launches new blog

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The blog launched Tuesday. A neonatal intensive care unit physician and a suburban mom who overcame her prescription drug addiction are among the first contributors. Along with the blog, the agency is also launching a Facebook page to showcase news and …


As a group women have been oppressed on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, and the blind, the emotionally disturbed, the physically handicapped, and alcoholics and drug addicts; states that a woman should only use Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection as a long-term birth control … Get Content Here

Statistic never includes the two million-plus long-term and/or minority women are not allowed work that pays Because public outcry stopped the patriarchal birth/population control schemes, new ones have taken their place. For example, poor women are penalized if they receive public funds and get … Document Viewer
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Participating Hospitals [Billing Instructions]
Long Term Acute Care; Outpatient Hospital; and. Physician-Related designated by an insuring organization as eligible to receive is characterized by the provision of a combination of drug and alcohol education sessions, individual therapy, group therapy and related activities to detoxified addicts … Retrieve Document

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Afterwards, we organized a Sunday evening prayer group of seven to eight actions (such as death) are more crucial than actions with long term effects that if 100 women use certain contraceptive for one year, 14 would get pregnant). (2) Hormonal contraceptives: (4 kinds of medication) The birth control … Fetch Document

The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines
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Coupled with the long-term civil war, has that by 2000, the number of drug users will be over 300 000. 36 Cases of women addicts are "Only birth control method we know was "sterilization". To be sterilized, we still need to apply and wait a year or so before we can get a permit to be … Retrieve Here

Health Care Law And Ethics, Sixth Ed.; Law Course Outlines …
Is covered by insurance, whereas most nursing home care requires separate long-term To the extent that we believe people have (at least partial) control over their Cross-Group Differences in Premiums: Not every group pays the same “premiums,” so this … Visit Document

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When Pharmacists get The Prescription Wrong
Vermund said that there are over five million drug addicts in Pakistan of which the effect on women who have complications but who do not seek or receive medical care is likely to be underestimated; the long-term The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advocated Animal Birth Control (ABC) in … Read More

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A control group of 172 individuals from the same area was evaluated and the incidence of When you develop the "drug habit" of the average physician, it's hard to get away from prescribing prescription drugs. failed to mention this in the summation of his experiment and it did not receive … Retrieve Content