How Drug Addiction in Punjab Is Lowering Sex Drives and Pushing Up the Divorce Rate

How drug addiction in Punjab is lowering sex drives and pushing up the divorce rate
Pubjab’s drug-addict youngsters just can’t get no satisfaction. Areas of the state particularly notorious for drug consumption have been witnessing a mercurial rise in the number of divorces, and experts put this trend down to rampant abuse of …
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Vermont’s Drug Addiction Problem and Other Fascinating News on the Web
Wired: The ten best gadgets at CES. + Ars Technica: What we saw, what we loved, and what we’ll remember. + Forget gadgets. The coolest technology you’ll see this week is a super slippery coating that makes anything (from syrup to ketchup …
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In Annual Speech, Vermont Governor Shifts Focus to Drug Abuse
MONTPELIER, Vt. — In a sign of how drastic the epidemic of drug addiction here has become, Gov. Peter Shumlin on Wednesday devoted his entire State of the State Message to what he said was “a full-blown heroin crisis” gripping Vermont.
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