How Long Is There Between Being Sentenced to Drug Classes and a First Drug Test?

Question by brimstone1252: How long is there between being sentenced to drug classes and a first drug test?
My court date is July 9th and they are probably going to give me drug classes for smoking weed. When do the classes start and do they get mad if you fail the first drug test? I live in Southern California. I am probably gonna fail the first test cuz i’ve been smoking every day for a long time, what happens if i do?

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Answer by Mark
From my experience, They normally give you 30 days form the time the judge sentences you to start classes or probation officer gives you a deadline for an evaluation. sometimes the judge will order you to go down that same day and get enrolled, Other times, it is up to probation dept. Regardless, when you do your evaluation, they will either test you or put you on a schedule of UAs.( depending on the severity of your case) This first test will record the level of cannibinoids in your urine, and this level will be expected to drop for each subsequent test. if it goes up, you go to jail. This is what happens if the treatment program administers the test and sends it to a lab. If you are being tested by your probation officer only, it is done with a dip test and will not result in the level in your urine, only positive or negative. probation officers know that weed can stay in your system for 30 days and sometimes longer, so you should be alright as long as it doesn’t exceed 45 days. Again, this all depends on the severity of your case. I was sentenced to drug court, and the judge ordered me to go down and take a test immediately following court and it was dirtier then dirty, but didn’t count because they expect you to be dirty at first. They understand that you have a problem or you wouldn’t be there. You might want to try the legal herb(spice) going around, if you want to continue getting stoned, at least until your off probation. it wont show up in a UA and can help keep your urge to smoke weed satisfied so you don’t end up in the slammer. Another thing you can do is drink cranberry juice as well as plenty of water the first few weeks. unless you are obese, this can cut 30 days down to 15