How to Stop Suicidal Thoughts?

Question by casey: how to stop suicidal thoughts?
I’ve been through more than anybody can imagine.
i’m only 17 and i’ve so far led a horrible life.
every. single. day. i think about killing myself.
but i don’t want to die. ifthismakesanysense…

i’ve struggled with deep drug and alcohol addiction as well as self harm and horrible anger problems for about 7 years now. i’ve been in and out of “mental health facilities” for about 2 years and seen countless numbers of psychiatrists and counselors. and i’ve been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, ADD, bi-polar disorder, and a mild case of OCD.
i’m on medicine and have to go to a shrink every week.

nothing helps.

and the strange thing is, most people say “oh yeahh, well you must have come from a horrible childhood and your parents are drug addicts and didnt love you and you just need help”
quite the opposite.

i mean, my mother is a successfull plastic surgeon, and my father is a human resource manager for the ABC liqour company. and i have 2 loving older brothers.
i’ve had a wonderful childhood and my parents always showed me that they have cared.

i just want help.
i’m sick of being like this. and i know for sure that trained professional CANNOT help.
they never have.
i’m just looking for someone who may have been or is currently going through something similar to me so i can get some advice on how to finally live my life like a “normal” kid does.

and P.S. don’t reply with some bullshit about finding jesus.
i don’t want to hear it.

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Answer by monica

I know – I have come to realise that you don’t need external factors to create stress. Here is what has really helped me. I hope you find something helpful here and if not, I am rooting for you to find what helps you and live the joyful life you deserve.

Check for a gluten sensitivity. There is a huge link between gluten and depression. (There is a theory that some people suffer from leaky gut syndrome, the wheat goes through the gut and straight to the brain, acting as a drug, which can make you feel ‘crazy’ with thoughts.)

Try doing Byron Katie’s “The Work” – this is a cognitive therapy consisting of four questions to help you unwind any fearful thoughts.

If you get panic attacks, sign up for the free emails on the panicaway website.

If you are lacking in Vitamin B, You can suffer the following symptoms: Feeling unreal, Hearing your own thoughts, Anxiety and Inner tension, Inability to think straight, Suspicion of people, Good pain tolerance, seeing or hearing things abnormally, having delusions and frequent mood swings. Read Patrick Holford’s “Optimum Nutrition for the Mind” is a charity and it has a free questionnaire you can fill out in order to get feedback on what you might be lacking in your diet.

Keep two journals. One for writing down all your feelings, this is really good for clearing out your anxieties and getting all your war onto paper, you can delete it straight after if you need to, it’s just good to really see your stressful thinking. And the other can be your gratitude journal – write down all the things you are grateful for that happened today.

Go to The Option Institute! Here is a link:,595
If you cannot afford their programs, write to them and they can help you out financially.

Love and sincere understanding.

Best wishes.


Answer by Kelly
i hav no clu who jesus is but i am goin thro horribe stuff 2 ur not alone i think about suicide evry dayy 2 im a cutter ive nvr done druggs but my life suckks my whole family even my dog h8s me w/the exeption of my older bro but hes in collage so… i kno exactly how u feel!