I Want to Divorce My Husband While He Is in Drug Rehab?

Question by jane m: I want to divorce my husband while he is in drug rehab?
My husband entered drug rehab for 8 months after 12 years (on & off) of addiction to prescription meds. It is a Christian regeneration program. I have decided I want a divorce. He still has 4 months to go. I am afraid he will leave the center or convince me to not go through with the divorce. Of course, the center is very anti-divorce. We have 2 girls ages 8 & 5. I don’t know what to do! I am miserable!!
I have been to this center to see him every weekend for 4 months. I DO NOT see him changing. He still tries to manipulate and control me. Did I mention he suffered a seizure from an OD in front of my girls?? I think i HAVE been there for him for the last 12 years. And I have been lied to countless times. I have stuck by his side through bankruptcy, forclosure, ruining 2 careers and 2 seizures. I am done! I cannot keep going like this.

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Answer by Tarsh d
Isnt it better to drop the bombshell while he is somewhere that help is on hand 24/7 than afterwards?

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