I Want to Know Information Regarding Drug Treatment Programs in Seaford, New York.?

Question by ayana h: I want to know information regarding drug treatment programs in Seaford, New York.?
For this, I would like to find various drug rehabs so that I may be able to know of the different methods that they employ as well as the different principles and approaches that make one drug rehab distinct from another. I was hoping that somebody could tell me how to find different drug rehabs.

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Answer by arlyn r
A lot of drug rehabs are pretty much based on 12-step programs. They do differ in some ways, though. Finding them is pretty easy. You can go to the local hospital and ask for recommendations from doctors or healthcare providers. You can also choose to use the links below, or contact your local health services department and ask for a list of the drug rehabs there. I do hope that you get to have the information that you need. Good luck!


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