I Want to Put My Mother in a Home?

Question by Dungonecrazy11: i want to put my mother in a home?
my mom is living in alabama at the moment and i live in texas. my sister has pretty much disowned her. she is a drug attict, she wants everyone to take care of her, and she is very manipulative, she is 56 yrs old. she makes up illnesses and gets doctors to prescribe her LARGE amounts of pills, and she smokes weed, right now she is on speed/meth too. i want to put her in a home, wether that be mental, old folks, or rehab i dont know. i think it would be good for everyone especially my mom. if i could do this they might be able to find out what is REALLY wrong with her, and get someone to rashon her the right medications, she would be taken care of, i would visit often, and it would benifit all of our mental health. she is incompitent to take care of herself. anyways how would i go about doing something like this? is it possible?how much would this cost? ect…? plz help! no rude answers.
o.k. ive got the name and number of her doctor. what questions do i need to ask him??

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Answer by mominohio
First you will need to get a lawyer to apply for you to be power of attorney over your mother. You will need to prove that she is incapable of caring for herself. If the judge signs the papers for you to be POA then you can get her into a home. Just look at all the options in living arrangments. Some are more expensive while others aren’t. If she is declared unable to care for herself she may qualify for SSI which would pay for her living arrangements in a special home.

Answer by zenithxana
Maybe call the DA about Baker Acting her?

Do you know the name of her doctor?

You could call him.her?