I’m Looking for a Mental Health Clinic That Can Deal With Addiction and Suicide in a Bi-Polar Teen?

Question by ………: I’m looking for a mental health clinic that can deal with addiction and suicide in a Bi-polar teen?
It needs to be around Cincinnati Ohio and it has to be a live in center. He is 18 years old and has recently been diagnosed as Bipolar, he hasn’t been able to be given proper medication because he is throwing weed and synthetic weed/incense into the mix. It makes him very emotionally unstable and he does whatever he think will pull him out of his depression. Typically, that means more drugs, or alcohol. He is out of control and has attempted suicide while high at least three times in the past month or two.
Also, his parents aren’t rich. Are there any things that can help them with the immense costs these places seem to carry? (I understand the costs, I just need a way to maybe help them out.)
He attends therapy once a week, but it isn’t enough… 🙁

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Answer by Gene
Try a phone book. that is one of those books that has white pages and yellow pages and millions of phone numbers!!!

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