Israel Police Losing Public Trust and Support, US Study Shows

Israel Police losing public trust and support, US study shows

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When asked what the police should do, participants said they expected the police to serve the community, maintain public order, decrease crime, be trustworthy, treat people fairly, and respond to calls. … to many police forces around the world, is …
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Local veteran's story illustrates struggles of post – traumatic stress

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“The good news is that there is good treatment for them,” said Sheila A.M. Rauch, director of the Serving Returning Veterans' Mental Health Program for the Department of Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System. “The problem is great, [but] with …
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Bobby Thompson, the accused veterans charity swindler, keeps busy with

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</b>Find out if he was the victim of CIA hypnotic or mind-altering psychotropic drug treatment. Opposing documents filed by state prosecutors have … In court filings, Thompson described himself as a government or CIA agent who was part of a federal …
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