Looking for Help for My Drug Addict?

Question by dkcasad: Looking for Help for my Drug Addict?
I have a son who has struggled with drug addiction, choice of drug is/was oxycontin. He is now in jail after some very poor choices and will be spending time in prison. He is 24. I am in Indiana and am looking for an organization that might be able to help me at his sentencing with information on these evil prescription drugs and what they are doing to our children. My son did not commit the crime, my drugged out son did. He once was a star basketball player and a 3.0 student. Please only serious inquires that want to help or have information that can connect me with the right people.
correction- I meant serious responses not serious inquires, typo.

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Answer by Emily M
Get him a good lawyer if you have not done so already.

I cannot give one best source of information for you but I can suggest some places to try.

As far as I know, Greenwood, IN has the only recovery court in Indiana but other counties have drug courts.

Have you tried going to Nar-Anon or Al-Anon meetings, for family members of persons with addictions? If not, they can help you learn to cope with you situation. Narcotics Anonymous may be able to help your son stay clean when he gets out of jail.

Fairbanks Hospital in Indianapolis has literature and DVDs on addiction available in their gift shop/bookstore.

The Indiana University School of Medicine has an addictions program in their psychiatry department.

Answer by Nicole
Like the person above me said, get a good lawyer. That is going to be your best bet right now. They will use his drug usage as a way to soften the sentence. Depending on the nature of the crime he would most likely be able to get out if it if he goes to a rehabilitation program (probably one that the courts approve I’m guessing)

Other than that, I know you said you are from Indiana. I am not sure how far you are from Chicago but I was addicted to Oxycontin and other narcotics and I didn’t go to a Rehab center but a addiction counseling center that treated all sorts of addictions but was mainly focused on opiate addiction. It is located in Lansing, IL and the number is 708-418-3344 I started the 30 day program last January and haven’t had any relapses yet. I still see a counselor about once a month so maybe your son can do that. If you think it it something that requires more treatment then go to turntohelp.com it is a website strictly for narcotic addiction and you can talk to educated people that will help find the right program for your son.

Good luck, I really wish your family the best. Oxycontin is a very powerful drug and I can understand when you say you don’t even know who your son is when he is using. It’s a good thing he is still young and has a family that cares for him. That is what got me through my addiction.