Help! I Need to Go to a Drug Rehab but Can’t Afford It, Any Suggestions on How to Find a Sponser?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Help! I need to go to a drug rehab but can’t afford it, any suggestions on how to find a sponser?
SHould I write a newspaper article, contact the news, etc..? If I don’t get help soon, I will die. I am 33 and… Continue reading

Tori Spelling Drug Addiction – True Tori Detox for Pain Pills – Hospitalized for Migraine?

Tori Spelling Drug Addiction – True Tori Detox For Pain Pills – Hospitalized For Migraine?
Tori Spelling is the epitome of clean living and great parenting. Wait, sorry, I couldn’t even get that sentence out without laughing. Tori and her husband Dean McDermott have been under plenty of scrutiny lately,… Continue reading

Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

Question by onetimeuse1234: Anyone voluntarily went to drug rehab?
Ok…I have to be quick cuz my boyfriend is abusive. I had to create a new account so that I could post this. Anyhow, I’m addicted to meth severely! Daily use, probably 10 foils a day. No exaggeration. I… Continue reading

Nonprofit Aims to Reduce Drug Addiction

Nonprofit aims to reduce drug addiction
Lindsey Greinke, a recovering drug addict from Everett, started Hope Soldiers in December. After January's successful launch event at Jackson High in Mill Creek, Greinke said, she decided to hold another.
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drug addiction newspaper
by tantek

Australia warned its ice problem is… Continue reading

As Badals Prosper, Queues at Drug Addiction OPDs Become Longer

As Badals prosper, queues at drug addiction OPDs become longer
On an April evening, it is all quiet at the modern multi-storey Civil Hospital as the sun is setting and a staff nurse grimly narrates the gravity of the drug menace in this once prosperous state of Punjab. ‘‘The quiet… Continue reading

The Rising Incidence of Multi-Drug Resistant TB: An Interview With Dr Myriam

The rising incidence of multi-drug resistant TB: an interview with Dr Myriam
Worldwide and in most countries with a high burden of MDR-TB, less than 25% of the people estimated to have MDR-TB were detected in 2012. Patients with … a public health crisis”. To achieve this,… Continue reading

Breaking the Cycles of Addiction and Recidivism | Commentary

Breaking the Cycles of Addiction and Recidivism | Commentary
Some issues transcend political divisions. How best to prevent drug addiction before it starts and provide treatment to those who want to turn their lives around is one of those issues. Over the last few decades, we’ve learned a lot about… Continue reading

COMPLETE COVERAGE: National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit

COMPLETE COVERAGE: National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit
Addiction. Recovery. And she's so brave to share that story openly with all of us here.” A story they hope that will help others beat prescription drug addiction. Griffith will be delivering the keynote speech of the evening session just after 6:00. We… Continue reading

Codeine Still Prescribed to Children in ER Despite Health Warnings

Codeine Still Prescribed To Children In ER Despite Health Warnings
Codeine is an opioid used to treat mild to moderate pain and suppress cough. Because of variability in how children process the drug, about a third receive no symptom relief from taking it, while up to one in 12 can… Continue reading

Paroled 'Sopranos' Actor Discusses Drug Addiction

Paroled 'Sopranos' Actor Discusses Drug Addiction
"Here I am, I get the opportunity, I get the shot and then squander it, and do what I did, and get addicted to drugs and just make horrible decisions," the 37-year-old Brancato said in an interview broadcast Sunday on WNYM-AM. He was paroled… Continue reading