Please Help. My Brother Is Addicted to Pain Pills?

Question by Misha: Please help. My brother is addicted to pain pills?
OK, my brother abuses everything from Lortabs (10mg 10-16 @a time) Fentanyl pain patches (which he chews), Oxycontin, something called Roxies, and methadone pills. Even some more things I have never heard of and can’t remember. While his drugs of choice are uppers such as this, if he can not find any, he will take hand fulls of Xanax, Clonazepam, etc. He has pawn (and lost) my moms 55′ flat screen, her laptop, stole her craftsman riding lawn mower, stolen from others. he has also pawned and sold all of his things. 3 laptops, 2 flat screen tvs, a desktop computer, his bedroom suit, a car. He has also totaled a car because he was too high to be driving. I have called some places and it is like $ 40,000 for treatment. There is no way any of us can afford that. My question is: can I go to a judge and tell him what is going on and have him forced into rehab?
I forgot to add that we live in Alabama
No, he doesn’t want to get help. He says it is his body and his life and he sees nothing wrong with getting high everyday if that’s what makes him happy and life tolerable.
Please don’t use this as an opportunity to SPAM. This is serious. Why the hell would I want to order pain pills? I don’t even take them. Take your $ (*%*(*# somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by 730stress
Yes you can. I know for a fact you can in MA and more than likely in your state. The judge will force him to go to treatment in a state run facility( more like jail than treatment) for a month. It’s called a section 35. Good luck. I’m an addiction counselor. Above all he has to want to get clean or nothing will help. God bless. I feel for you and your family. I went through this myself and have been clean for 5 years now.


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