Should Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs Still Undergo Addiction Treatment?

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by ep_jhu

Question by camila e: Should pregnant women who use drugs still undergo addiction treatment?
I was just wondering about this since my friend who uses heroin is scared that she might be pregnant. Will she be able to undergo addiction treatment if the pregnancy results turn positive? Will the medication have a negative effect on the baby? What if she doesn’t undergo addiction treatment? What are the risks for the baby? I know we’re sort of jumping to conclusions here, but still. Answers will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by anne na
Oh my gosh, I hope your friend isn’t pregnant. Even if she isn’t though, I suggest that she undergo addiction treatment soon. If she’s indeed pregnant, there’s a risk that her baby will have low birth weight when delivered. Her chances for miscarriage are also higher. She can undergo methadone treatments and detoxification, as this is advisable for pregnant women. However, the baby will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms afterwards, which will have to be treated soon. Consult a doctor immediately regarding this so that your friend can get herself properly checked up on. Good luck!

Answer by Julie Lee
The baby’s chances of defects and chronic illnesses are greater if she remains on heroine. She needs to go to detox now and consult a physician. The physician will likely consult a specialist and only the medical doctors will really be able to answer questions accurately about what effects the treatment could have on the fetus.

Good luck to her! It’s nice she has you to care!


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