What Activities or Sessions Are Included in Drug Interventions?

Question by smart alec: What activities or sessions are included in drug interventions?
After three years of heroin addiction, I finally raised the white flag. I give up. I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my mother and we both decided that allowing other people to intervene with my addiction is our best option. I’m not proud of what I did or what I have become but at least I’m man enough to admit my faults. I’m entering a drug rehab in five days and I just want to know what to expect. I want to prepare for the treatment programs and the intervention itself. I really want this to work. I’ll do everything to make my mother happy.

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Answer by grace
First of all, congratulations for deciding to enter a drug rehab. It’s really brave of you. I think you have a good start at this journey to full recovery. You shouldn’t worry much about interventions. I think you can handle it. Some activities included in the intervention process are physical and mental therapy, family counselling, open discussions and other exercises like sports and fitness. Just try to be honest with yourself and your counselors. Below are some sites that will provide you with additional information about interventions and rehabs. Good luck!

Answer by cherrie l
good luck my friend 10 pts..