What Are Some of the Most Extreme Drugs?

Question by Mystique: what are some of the most extreme drugs?
what are some drugs that really make you trip or have hardly any control of your actions? I am NOT going to try any extreme drugs, I am writing a story in which one of the characters ends up getting mixed with drugs and does a lot of things she regrets, and I have to decide which drugs I think would be best for her to get hooked on. Please tell me why you consider the drug an extreme drug and what it does to you – as well as the negative side effects. Thank you!

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Answer by Kris
Heroin, oxy-contin,CRACK,cocaine, Meth. those are a few drugs that will kill you eventually and ruin your life if u dont get help asap

Answer by SapphireJade-xox
umm LSD is good for tripping, and it lasts for a maximum of 12 hours! 🙂


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