What Is Drug Rehab and Its Treatment?

Question by : What is drug rehab and its treatment?
Hello everyone!
I just want to know more regarding drug rehab and how to cure…. Please help me..


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Answer by ThoughtCriminal
My experience with rehab for alcoholism….and I have been through a few since 1979….last one in 1994-95 and that was through VA and lasted 8 months.
One month psych
one month rehab
and another 6 months in program down at American Lake VA in Tacoma.
A lot of groups and lectures….
can be tiring
can be stressful
my best advice…..
Ditch your druggie friends….forever.
If you reject that advise you might as well not bother with rehab at all cause you will be back to drugging in a week.
Lay low until you get your feet on the ground.
Especially during “pink cloud” stage that often occurs early in recovery.
Find NA meeting and see what their experience with rehab has been…..
Better yet ….find good AA meeting.
When I was in rehab we went to a couple of NA meetings in Norfolk area…..
seemed there was a lot of tension in the NA meetings I experienced.
Every time someone would walk into room people would look bugeyed.
Like they were expecting somebody with gun in hand to come after them for old drug debt.

I am 59 and have not drank in 15 years
Have to sit and think about how many rehabs I have been in
One month psych…NJ…1979
one month rehab…NJ….1979
seven weeks rehab….VA…1985
one month psych……NY…1988
one month psych…Seattle…1989
one month psych …Seattle…1994
one month psych…Seattle…1994
one month rehab…Seattle…1994
6 months rehab…Tacoma…1994-95
not to mention a few detoxes…
some I recall…others I do not.

First two years sober I lived in AA Halls….
Parkland Hall near Tacoma
Fremont Hall in Seattle

Answer by red65
There is no cure for addiction only treaatment and maintenance. In rehab you may have to go through withdrawals and detox as the substances clear out. Depending on how physically addicted you are this can get nasty but they can medicate you to tone down the symptoms to make you more comfortable.

You will look inside yourself with the help of counselors to find out why you abuse drugs and or alcohol. You will do written work, have lots of group counseling sessions with oher patients as well as AA meetings.

how long you stay in is usually determined by your insurance company instead of your doctor unfortunately. You will be discharged with a plan for follow up which usually involves outpatient care and 90 AA meetings in 90 days.

Hope this helps.


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