What Is the Song/music Video Personal Jesus About by Marilyn Manson?

Question by audreyjanelowe: What is the song/music video Personal Jesus about by Marilyn Manson?

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Answer by yogabbagabba
I would ask Depeche Mode…

…mainly because it’s their song.

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Unique Epigenomic Code Identified During Human Brain Development

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The results of a new study by scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies show that the landscape of DNA methylation, a particular type of epigenomic modification, is highly dynamic in brain cells during the transition from birth to …
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Vacant building to become apartments for homeless vets

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Homeless veterans needing help for drug addiction and other problems will soon supplant taggers and late-night trespassers at an abandoned St. Louis apartment building. A housing developer from Springfield, Mo., has embarked on a $ 12.7 million project …
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Support Groups Erie Times-News

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Lake Erie PRIDE is a local team affiliated with PRIDE Youth Programs, which is the nation's oldest and largest peer-to-peer organization devoted to drug abuse and violence prevention through education. The local team is comprised of over 50 high school …
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