Where Can Someone Receive FREE Drug Rehab and Treatment in California?

Question by Kristen: Where can someone receive FREE drug rehab and treatment in California?
My roommate is trying so hard to come off opiods on his own, but is really struggling. Unfortunately, he cannot work right now, as he was recently inured on the job. That, in itself, is a huge mess — and terrible timing! Anyway, he desperately wants to return to a clean and sober life, but has no way to pay for the treatment. I’m doing the best I can to be his support, but he needs the help of professionals. Can anyone offer us information about treatment facilities which provide services for free, or based on a financial hardship? ANY help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

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Answer by Barb
Found this website. Hopefully it will help. http://www.sober-solutions.com/california/free-rehabs-in-california/