Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Question by Jessie J: Why do I need drug rehab?
I have been a drug user for a year and I haven’t told anyone about it. And if I do decide to get myself into a drug rehab, I would like to do it without anyone having to push me. I would like to learn about drug rehab – what it does, what the treatments are and where I can find one in Florida. Got any ideas?

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Answer by Michael A
yep. by all means go in and give ’em a try. but it didn’t work with me.

edit: get your motor running and don’t start me up because I never stop. Peace.

Answer by bill l
been in a couple.Clean and sober now for 2 years.Bottom line,go to an N.A. meeting,they will help you out.If you don’t wanna see people to start…call Narcotics anonymous hot line…Good luck.


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