Why Do People Attack Others When They Ask a Simple Question About Drugs?

Question by pixi: why do people attack others when they ask a simple question about drugs?
i was doing some research on some prescription medications i am taking and i found so many answers from people saying things like “don’t take them if you’re worried about it” or some crap like that! i really wish people would be more considerate and intelligent; think before they speak.. because some people actually *do* have legitimate problems and reasons for asking questions. it really upsets me! for example, i wanted to know the difference between one med and another and someone had commented to someone else “you’re addicted! get help!” well yeah, if you take a med every day for any amount of time there will always be some sort of physical addiction, but i don’t think there is a “problem” if you don’t have the *mental* addiction. i really hope people begin to be more understanding and stop assuming things when they don’t even know the person.
does any of this irritate anyone else?
i didn’t exactly say i was “offended.” i said “irritated.”
i guess i’m just a strongly opinionated person.. but i try not to be biased when answering other people’s questions. i don’t answer a question if i’m going to tell someone i think they’re wrong!
i came across some questions and answers when i did a search– i wasn’t asking about meds on here. i’m not an idiot.
there are some things your dr won’t tell you– i see a pain specialist and you’d think she’d answer my questions fully, but i get curious about something and i do a bit of research on my own.. nothing wrong with that.
this question wasn’t about asking about meds. it was about people irritating me.
good points tho, thanks.

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Answer by k8r9i8s8ti
umm.. not really. Those people just were misunderstood. They don’t know you so why should you take offense to what they say.

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Intervention Help for Prescription Drug Addiction – Intervention is the first step in getting your loved one with a Prescription Drug Addiction help, and should be followed with Detox and Rehab Programs.


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why do people attack others when they ask a simple question about drugs? Photos

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why do people attack others when they ask a simple question about drugs?

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