Why Is It That Christians Resort to Lying in Order to Convert Others to Their Religion?

Question by sweety strawberry: Why is it that Christians resort to lying in order to convert others to their religion?
I’ve heard countless times many christians claiming that there are a lot of homosexuals that have been healed by God, and are no more homosexuals. That’s a big fat lie, homosexuality is not a disease and therefore cannot be healed. Another popular line they desperately like to throw is, “I once was an Atheist like you, but now I’ve found the truth…blah blah blah”.

Isn’t there a verse in the Bible that says something like, “thou shalt not lie”?

Best answer:

Answer by PastorsRUs
There are indeed former homosexuals who have been restored to the heterosexuals God created them as. And it’s not a disease, it’s a choice. God created us as heterosexual and regards any other sexual choice or behavior as sin and rebellion against Him and the way He created us to live and love.

Answer by I love Jesus
Homosexuals are born homosexually homosexual. Their homosexuality cannot be homosexually heterosexualized!

I’ve never said that any homosexual has been healed of their homosexualism!