Why Would a Religious Organization, Professing Having the “Truth” Also Have, a “Drug Rehabilitation Center”?

Question by : Why Would a Religious Organization, Professing Having the “Truth” also have, a “Drug Rehabilitation Center”?
This group has denied they have a “drug problem” within their “Organization” How did this happen with all the promises of happiness, and real LOVE?

They are not being persecuted for righteousness sake, so why are so many members seeking rehab for major drug abuse?
God said He would not allow His people to be tested “beyond what they could endure”…so why the heavy drug use?


Why did they hide this here when asked if their was a drug problem? They said we were lying about this…
They are addicted, yes many are, that is why this company is offering them assistance.

They will also need money to pay for this rehab…see;

No Hannah…I exposed it, why don;t you explain it?
This rehabilitation center is not legally able to use the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” unless they have a legal license to do so. The WTBTS would have to give their permission, based on rehab instructions that are tailored to the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I hope you are not uncomfortable if you ever have to go there.

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Christians are human, as are all faiths, and we live in the world, and drug abuse may not be common in mature Christians, but it does and will happen, and many are defensive about it.

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