100% Free Drug Rehab Center in Michigan.?

Question by katrinanjosh: 100% free drug rehab center in michigan.?
preferably close to lapeer or pontiac/ flint area. has to be 100% free if possible. my mom is extremely addicted to persription pills. and if its not her docs giving them to her its family friends. that will not listen to me when i say dont give them to her.someone please help asap
for the fact that she is endangering my daughter thats the problem with her addiction its pretty bad when she can not hold a conversation with u.

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Answer by Mo
everyone has an addiction ..hers are just pills whats wrong with that ?? ..addiction being something she does alot ..we all do “SOME-THING alot) nobodys tryna put you in a rehab center for going on your computer everyday..

Answer by HISloveis1
Hi, I live in Inkster and I always see this ministry on channel 7 news. They are drug rehab center among other things. Being that it’s a ministry, I don’t think you have to pay. Here’s a link to their site if you’d like : http://www.drmm.org/index.html Their name is Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. I hope this helps. You and your mom are in my prayers. Take Care.