How Am I Going to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Pennsville, New Jersey?

Question by camilla a: How am I going to find substance abuse treatment centers in Pennsville, New Jersey?
I’ve decided to do a research on various cases of prescription drug abuse. This is for a special project on a class of mine. I would like to talk to some patients who are afflicted with this kind of disorder, or the doctors who are dealing with patients suffering from prescription drug abuse.

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Answer by allie ce
Substance abuse treatment centers can be really stringent regarding the privacy of their patients so I think you’re going to have a hard time convincing the authorities to let you talk to them. I think you can interview the doctors, therapists, and counselors, though.

To find substance abuse treatment centers, just use the links below. You can also ask for a list from the local health services administration, or get it from hospital staff.


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