Helpp…i’m Crying Now-(A Cutter’s Story)?

Question by Star-Starlit<3: helpp...i'm crying now-(a cutter's story)?
i use to be an excutter, but then i really wanted to go back,
but i didnt want anyone to kno,
so i did it again behind everyone’s back…
and then i have like a lot of cuts on my arm,
but hid them well,
no one bothered asking why i wore sleeves since it is still “cool” and “chilly” now-a-days…
but then my best #1 friend knew i was an excutter,
and always had a fear that i would go backk…
and then she found in my pocket a small scissor i had and was like “what’s that? why do u have that?”
and i was pale as anything and freaking out,
and now she knows i’m doing it again.
yet i lied to her and told her i was just “thinking”
amazingly she believed me and then cried saying that she doesnt want me doing it again…

but i dont want to stop,
i want to continue,
i’ll stop when i want to,
but i dontwant to right now…
but i dont want to lie to everyone…

and dont say “tell a teacher, counselor, ur parents, a hotline”
cuz i am not,
i kno i am a young teen,
but i just dont want to stop..
please help me on advice.
and dont say simply “stop cutting”
cuz u already know the answer…

plz answer-thnx xoxo
its not too much of a question-mostly i just want advice on what i should do and what u think of my situation…either ways,
ttylzzz xD

Best answer:

Answer by Lillana
u need to c a counselor or sumtin cuz sumtin serious could happen to u. like u mite wanna commit suicide.

Answer by lisa mommy
listen… i was a smoker. I never wanted to stop. I loved smoking. I was addicted. Cutting is also addictive so you can say you will stop later but when?

I had to stop smoking because I have kids and I did it for them. Everyday is hard. I want to smoke.. NOW> but I wont.

If you dont want to do it for yourself do it for your friend. Do it because spring is here and you wont be able to hide it too much longer. You know that. Just like I couldnt “hide” smoking and it;s effects from my kids.