Senate Forms Panel to Examine Drug Addiction, Treatment Commitments

Senate forms panel to examine drug addiction, treatment commitments
The Senate formed its own special committee Thursday to study drug addiction and treatment options in Massachusetts with a focus on the civil commitment process to address what Senate President Therese Murray described epidemic of opiate addiction in …
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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Guelph Launches Program to Free Adults and Adolescents from PCP Addiction
A Guelph alcohol and drug rehab center is launching a program to get adults and adolescents free from PCP addiction at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers. Information from a Government of Canada website reveals that “PCP (phencyclidine) is a hallucinogen but …
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Senate zeroes in on drug addiction
(1/4)The Senate President says drug abuse is a growing epidemic in Massachusetts and it has to be stopped. Boston (WWLP) – Rising levels of drug addiction have prompted the state Senate to create a special committee to explore drug addiction …
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