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'I Considered Suicide,' Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells the

'I Considered Suicide,' Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells The
Egan alleged in the lawsuit filed in a Hawaii federal court that he was raped by Singer, forced to have oral sex against his will, and that the director also made him take cocaine, and provided him… Continue reading

Christie Speaks With Compassion on Drug Addiction and Treatment

Christie speaks with compassion on drug addiction and treatment
(CNN) – Republican Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with former Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey to talk about drug addiction on Thursday, the same day Christie signed a bill aimed to improve treatment programs in New Jersey correctional facilities and county jails.… Continue reading

How to I Get a Court Order to Have My Son Attend a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

Question by jamie: how to i get a court order to have my son attend a drug and alcohol treatment center?
My son who is 17 has a drinking problem. I found two big bottles of vodka in his room and vodka concealed in water bottles in his… Continue reading

County Curbs Heroin Use: Increases in Drug's Use Drives Expansive Prevention

County curbs heroin use: Increases in drug's use drives expansive prevention
In the past four months, the two have visited numerous schools in the Fox Valley, sharing their stories and hoping to inspire kids to choose a life without the hardships brought on by drug addiction. While Alvarado's ….… Continue reading

What Success Have You Had With in Patient Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Question by antonia_deamicis: What success have you had with In Patient Drug and Alcohol Treatment?
I have a 19 year old son that has been taking most everything he can get his hands on for 7-8 months now. He says he has no addiction, just likes to “experiment”… Continue reading

One Addict Helping Another Is the Fastest Route to Recovery

One addict helping another is the fastest route to recovery
The other day I visited a really remarkable organisation in Lambeth, south London, which is dedicated to helping drug and alcohol addicts to get their lives on track. What is impressive about the Aurora project is that it shows the… Continue reading

New Eligibility Criteria for Blood Donors

New Eligibility Criteria for Blood Donors
(Hawaii News Now) – Effective today, Blood Bank of Hawaii (BBH) is opening the doors for more donors due to new eligibility criteria. With advancements in medical research and technology, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined these …
Read more on Hawaii News… Continue reading

ESU Third in Nation for Drinking-Related Arrests

ESU third in nation for drinking-related arrests
The study was conducted by Rehabs.com, a referral service that helps users find drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in their area. It utilizes data from 2012 — the most recent available — from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of …
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Dealing With a Family Member With a Drug Addiction.. Help!!?

Question by smaceroni: Dealing with a family member with a drug addiction.. help!!?
OK my sister has been addicted to Ambien for about 4 years now. She has through detox and rehab twice and hasnt gotten better. She is still very much addicted and supoosed to be going… Continue reading

Substance Abuse and Addiction Are Called?

Question by Rachh: Substance abuse and addiction are called?
Public enemy number one, A term for using drugs ,None of the above please help only give answer if your absolutely sure or have taken the drug and alcohol Florida test also if you know…

The brain plays… Continue reading