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Prison to Begin No-Contact Visits at Halawa Medium Security Prison

Prison to begin no-contact visits at Halawa medium security prison
Curbing contraband and maybe more in Hawaii's prisons. Good evening, I'm Paula Akana. … The recent arrest of two Halawa corrections officers for smuggling meth into the prison raised eyebrows and triggered increased drug testing of inmates. Related …
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Drug Testing All Students Would Violate the Fourth Amendment

Drug testing all students would violate the Fourth Amendment
In a recent Vindicator story, Boardman schools Superintendent Frank Lazzeri comments on drug policies: “We are trying to help kids make better decisions. We believe that there is not just a local drug problem, there is a national drug problem.” With… Continue reading

Paul Walker's Mother Stops Trying to Get Custody of His Daughter

Paul Walker's Mother Stops Trying to Get Custody of His Daughter
… Soteros sought treatment in rehab for her "serious drinking problem". Rebecca promised last month to check into rehab immediately and also agreed to regular drug testing after completing her stint as being with Meadow is the "most important… Continue reading

'I Considered Suicide,' Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells the

'I Considered Suicide,' Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells The
Egan alleged in the lawsuit filed in a Hawaii federal court that he was raped by Singer, forced to have oral sex against his will, and that the director also made him take cocaine, and provided him… Continue reading

Heroin Report: Great Ideas, but Not Enough Action

Heroin report: Great ideas, but not enough action
Kass Foster, a co-founder of Parent to Parent, a Marlton-based support group for parents of children battling drug addiction, look over binders filled with obituaries of drug-related deaths dating back to 1997, on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. / Denise …
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Welfare Drug Testing Bill Goes to Gov. Bryant

Welfare drug testing bill goes to Gov. Bryant
Legislation that would require new Temporary Assistance for Needy Families applicants to undergo drug testing if there's suspicion of substance abuse is on its way to Gov. Phil Bryant. The Senate passed House Bill 49 after about 50 minutes of debate in …… Continue reading

Heroin Recovery: Can You Go It Alone?

Heroin recovery: Can you go it alone?
He's done inpatient detox once, which was covered under his dad's insurance. … Dr. Carmel Shaw runs the program and she requires addicts to commit to at least a year of supervised treatment that includes Suboxone, drug testing and counseling. "It …
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Substandard Generic Drugs Slip Past US FDA Effort, Doctors Say

Substandard generic drugs slip past US FDA effort, doctors say
The FDA has begun a $ 20 million generic-drug testing effort working with academic centers, Bloomberg News reported last week. At the same time, … Those impurities, which sometimes rendered the treatments ineffective, occur during manufacturing and …
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Gainesville Drug Testing Policy Draws Scrutiny

Gainesville drug testing policy draws scrutiny
Gainesville will implement a zero-tolerance drug-testing policy beginning Saturday for public safety workers, with termination of employment the penalty for a single failed test. But substance abuse specialists have concerns about how effective the …
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MMA Testosterone Exemptions High

MMA testosterone exemptions high
Drug testing in MMA is confined to postfight by the state athletic commissions that test for performance-enhancing substances, with Nevada believed to be the only commission attempting out-of-competition testing. The UFC also does some of its own …
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