Why Is It That There Are People Who Undergo Drug Rehabilitation Who Still Go Back to Taking Drugs Afterward?

Question by CARRIE S: Why is it that there are people who undergo drug rehabilitation who still go back to taking drugs afterward?
Does this mean that the drug rehab program that they were made to undergo just wasn’t effective enough? Or is it more of the fault of the individual?

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Answer by alexandria cd
Drug addiction is a chronic illness. This means that even though a person has undergone treatment, there will always be the possibility of relapse. In fact, relapse is often viewed by therapists as a part of the learning process. Just because a person happened to take drugs again does not mean that the drug rehab program is flawed. There are a lot of factors that can possibly bring about the relapsing of an individual. Researches have shown that stress can cause a person to relapse. Hanging out with drug users after one goes out of rehab may also get the person to use drugs again.

Answer by Vahid
Because drug addiction brings about physical and psychological dependencies, I mean changes in body chemistry and mental status of the abuser. So it would be very possible the addicts get back to their abuse due to the destructions made before starting rehab treatment.