Would a Doctor Help Me if My Job Causes Severe Muscle and Back Pain?

Question by Go Ask: Would a doctor help me if my job causes severe muscle and back pain?
I work in a meat market (family business) and 3 days a week I come home in such excruciating pain from lifting thousands of pounds. And every Wednesday I usually get cuts on my fingers from lifting plastic tubs that are filled with meat. The plastic digs into my skin and breaks the skin in one spot on my finger.
On those 3 days a week I get home and I can’t hardly move due to the back pain and muscle pain. Sleeping is becoming very difficult. My back pain wakes me up at 2:00AM and I usually can’t get back to sleep. I’ve taken to drinking a lot of brandy to help the pain, but if I drink enough of it to help then my boss complains about me showing up the next day with alcohol on my breath, and I’m not working as fast as I could be when I’m still a little drunk. Over-the-counter NSAID’s don’t help.

I don’t want the doctor to think that I’m seeking meds for drug abuse, and if I don’t have some severe injury, then I’m guessing I can’t get any pain meds, right? Could a doctor help me with muscle relaxers, or something like that?
How would I explain this to my doctor without asking for pain meds?
Is it alright to ask for pain meds?

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Answer by Amanda (mandy)
The doctor may recommend over the counter pain killers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. If these do not work and the pain persists the next step would be a recommendation of stopping your work. As the job itself requires lot of moving and handling couldn’t equipment help? Or more help. Sadly in this day and age I understand money is short but couldn’t there be an option that would help you make your job easier as physically it will do more damage in the long term than the pain you have the now. The doctor would/may be able to give you something if you to help ease your pain and if it is a back injury he/she could recommend time off work or physiotherapy. Hot baths and showers help. Cushions at night behind your back and lie on you side is a good idea this relieves the tension strained from being moving around all day and or from leaning on the area of the back that hurts.

I hope you get it sorted. Good luck.
Hope this helps

Answer by Shadow 114
Doctors are given a certain amount of money to spend how they wish & Most often than not just give out pain killers, which are low dose’s anyway as 2-main nerves in your body passes through your inside your spine along with tendon tissues, these Disk’s which hold the spinal column together & have to be movable & are Like Silicone Implants which they put into Females Bust’s to make them look bigger.
However these can without any large movement move or split slightly which can trap a nerve & create so many problems that only people such myself (read my Profile) understand how important the spine is to every single thing in your body I will explain in a simple way what goes through your spine.

Imagine you hit your finger with a hammer, this sends a message through one of your nerves to tell your brain to shout ouch! This is how the human body functions in every way and how important your spine is for instance your Lumber region has 5-disks & I unfortunately crushed the lot, not my fault but as I said read my own profile to understand, you need to have no ordinary X-Ray & that is where the problems arise any plain X-Ray will not show this up.
Which means there are only a few places able to perform this method or have the equipment to do so & the proper professors or Specialist’s that are able to know about the Spinal Column please take a look at :https://www.google.uk Type in: “Human spine”

This will show the spine & how it’s made up for you to see & try to understand,
However like everything else time’s move on but the fact’s are that today’s world of hurry creates more strain on our spine’s, but we don’t understand until something goes wrong & then it’s very hard to find the right person who knows enough to help you.

I often recommend a Registered Chiropractic IE: www.gcc-uk.org
Check the UK Statutory Register of GCC Regulated Chiropractors, who & are normally good, especially when you have a trapped nerve as they can give massage treatment & identify & even sometimes mange to Release the pinched nerve, having had such treatment prior to my accident, I know they can normally give you a good diagnoses & tell you what is wrong or even cure or help the problem.

You need to push your Doctor & get the proper treatment & special X-Ray to see what is damaged if the chiropractor cannot massage the nerve into it’s normal position & pain before you develop problems tell your Doctor about what you have seen & heard from others who suffered spinal injuries & get him or her to understand, that minor pain killers will not stop or improve the problem.

Between these bones are Disk’s, consisting of floating material Like Silicone Implants held into place between each bone, & this is the Human Spine.
Look how easy anyone can pinch a nerve, which creates pain or spasms caused by stress alone, especially in the higher parts of the spine, neck, shoulders etc.

However, these can without any large movement, move or split slightly which can trap a nerve & create so many problems that only people such myself (Read my Profile) to understand how Important the spine is to everything in your body. Best Wishes.