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My Friend Is Addicted to Shooting Up Crack.. Is There a Group for ME?

Question by *1STTIMEMOMMY2BE* DUE 11/13/10: my friend is addicted to shooting up crack.. is there a group for ME?
this has been a ongoing problem. Its hard to know what addiction is until you see somebody you care about going through it. I finally got his mom to help me… Continue reading

Getting Help for My Sister (Rehab)?

Question by : Getting help for my sister (Rehab)?
My sister is a combination of things…

Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, and according to the police arrest suspected for prostitution.

My sister does not have a job has no future planned out and she is a high school dropout. The only thing… Continue reading

Drug Testing All Students Would Violate the Fourth Amendment

Drug testing all students would violate the Fourth Amendment
In a recent Vindicator story, Boardman schools Superintendent Frank Lazzeri comments on drug policies: “We are trying to help kids make better decisions. We believe that there is not just a local drug problem, there is a national drug problem.” With… Continue reading

There Are Many Support Groups Willing and Able to Assist in Many Ways

There are many support groups willing and able to assist in many ways
FRIENDS & FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: Big Stone Gap, Va., Behavioral Health Services, behind Powell Valley High School, hosted by Frontier Health; offers tools, friends and families needs to assist people with addiction, move toward recovery; Tuesdays, 6:30… Continue reading

New Adolescent Helpline in Tomball Aids Teens in Finding Substance Abuse

New Adolescent Helpline in Tomball Aids Teens in Finding Substance Abuse
LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/21/2014) – A new adolescent helpline in Tomball, TX has been established to provide young adults with reliable information on substance abuse recovery. The helpline is a much-needed resource for young adults in Tomball who …
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Editorial: Legal Highs Popular With Kiwis

Editorial: Legal highs popular with Kiwis
According to the Global Drug Survey, drug users who consume synthetic cannabis products are 30 times more likely to seek medical attention than users of traditional, organic cannabis. Weed is the third-most popular drug in the world – after alcohol and …
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What Should Making “amends” Mean When Someone Gets Off Drugs?

Question by tihspidaru: What should making “amends” mean when someone gets off drugs?
11 years ago i tried to help a long time childhood friend that was in a rut back in our home town…we grew up together so i felt that i could help him…i bought him a plane… Continue reading

Paul Walker's Mother Stops Trying to Get Custody of His Daughter

Paul Walker's Mother Stops Trying to Get Custody of His Daughter
… Soteros sought treatment in rehab for her "serious drinking problem". Rebecca promised last month to check into rehab immediately and also agreed to regular drug testing after completing her stint as being with Meadow is the "most important… Continue reading

People Dying as State Dithers on Narcan

People Dying As State Dithers On Narcan
Only nonprofits, with little state help, have distributed the drug. Connecticut has neither allocated more money to … Connecticut allows friends and family members of heroin users to get prescriptions for Narcan. But Connecticut ought to emulate …
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Alcoholism: The Not-So-Funny Equal Opportunist

Alcoholism: The Not-So-Funny Equal Opportunist
Well, I hope that drugs and alcohol never affect your life or the life of someone you love like they have affected mine and my family, not to mention the other millions of people affected directly and indirectly by the disease of addiction — the… Continue reading