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Is Rehab Necessary for Addicts?

Question by : Is rehab necessary for addicts?
Rehab Treatment New Jersey is a fully licensed and certified Rehabilitation Center for all those who are in the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Answer by Jack
a friend of mine went to rehab for a few months… Continue reading

Entering a Drug Rehab Facility?

Question by hornsfan1134: entering a drug rehab facility?
im curious to know what goes on in a drug rehab.. my friend does drugs, quiet often.. and is quiet broke because of it.. he does meth once every two months or so… coke probably once a week, and… Continue reading

Report Finds Major Problems at Miami VA Rehab Site

Report finds major problems at Miami VA rehab site
A Department of Veterans Affairs drug rehabilitation facility was so poorly run that some patients were actually on drugs during their stay there — culminating in the death of a veteran from an overdose of cocaine and heroin. According to an… Continue reading

Please Help. My Brother Is Addicted to Pain Pills?

Question by Misha: Please help. My brother is addicted to pain pills?
OK, my brother abuses everything from Lortabs (10mg 10-16 @a time) Fentanyl pain patches (which he chews), Oxycontin, something called Roxies, and methadone pills. Even some more things I have never heard of and can’t remember. While his… Continue reading

County Curbs Heroin Use: Increases in Drug's Use Drives Expansive Prevention

County curbs heroin use: Increases in drug's use drives expansive prevention
In the past four months, the two have visited numerous schools in the Fox Valley, sharing their stories and hoping to inspire kids to choose a life without the hardships brought on by drug addiction. While Alvarado's ….… Continue reading

Ex-Drug Addict Clean 20yrs Now Needs Morphine for Pain?

Question by chezzam: Ex-drug addict clean 20yrs now needs morphine for pain?
My friend is an ex-heroin addict who has been clean for 20yrs. She now runs a drug rehab facility with her husband. They have always believed that they can never use any type of pain-killer again because it… Continue reading

Respiratory Therapist………….?

Question by : Respiratory Therapist………….?
I’m in High School right now and I think I want to become a respiratory therapist. I googled how much they make and the pay is good. I’m aware that a respiratory therapist helps people with breathing problems. Right? If you are a respiratory therapist… Continue reading

US Docs Grow More Concerned About Generic Drugs From India

US docs grow more concerned about generic drugs from India
U.S. doctors, including some at the Cleveland Clinic, “are becoming concerned about the quality of generic drugs supplied by Indian manufacturers following a flurry of recalls and import bans by the Food and Drug Administration,” according to this …
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Marijuana Could Help Some Who Suffer From Epilepsy

Marijuana Could Help Some Who Suffer From Epilepsy
We support the rights of patients and families living with seizures and epilepsy to have access to physician-directed care, including medical marijuana as a potential treatment option. … Thank you for your interest in Honolulu Civil Beat …
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ESU Third in Nation for Drinking-Related Arrests

ESU third in nation for drinking-related arrests
The study was conducted by Rehabs.com, a referral service that helps users find drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in their area. It utilizes data from 2012 — the most recent available — from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of …
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