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Does Anyone Know of an Inpatient High Dosage Methadone Detox Center or Rehab in NYC?

Question by : Does anyone know of an inpatient high dosage Methadone detox center or rehab in NYC?
I need to find an inpatient HIGH DOSAGE Methadone detox facility or rehab in NY. It could be in any of the 5 boroughs of NYC or I would even look into… Continue reading

Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

Question by onetimeuse1234: Anyone voluntarily went to drug rehab?
Ok…I have to be quick cuz my boyfriend is abusive. I had to create a new account so that I could post this. Anyhow, I’m addicted to meth severely! Daily use, probably 10 foils a day. No exaggeration. I… Continue reading

Best Free Drug Rehabs in the Contrey?

Question by : Best free drug rehabs in the contrey?
I have a family member who is into oxycontin and we need a place that is very hard and it needs to be state funded. It does not matter where in the US it is.

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Answer by ON… Continue reading

Are There Drug Rehabs in Cotati, California That Will Take Dual Diagnosis Patients as Well?

Question by cassie f: Are there drug rehabs in Cotati, California that will take dual diagnosis patients as well?
My sister has been suffering from depression and now she’s gotten herself dependent on heroin too. Our parents are away, and I want to get her treated because I… Continue reading

An Aunt of Mine Is Very Addicted to Drugs.?

Question by Cameron 005: An aunt of mine is very addicted to drugs.?
An aunt of mine is very addicted to drugs. How do I step in this personal problem? I live near Almira, Arkansas. Are there any public or voluntary or professional services company that would help me do… Continue reading

I Need to Know if There Are Any Drug Rehabs in Brownwood, Texas That Will Take People With Dual Diagnosis.?

Question by dania d: I need to know if there are any drug rehabs in Brownwood, Texas that will take people with dual diagnosis.?
My friend has a brother whom she thinks has dual diagnosis. She knows for a fact that he does… Continue reading

Braun Hits 3 Homers, Brewers Beat Phillies 10-4

Braun hits 3 homers, Brewers beat Phillies 10-4
Braun was booed in his first game in Philly since serving a 65-game suspension for violations of Major League Baseball's drug agreement and labor contract. He also got an earful last week in Boston. It didn't bother him. "It's very motivating," Braun… Continue reading

I Want to Know Information Regarding Drug Treatment Programs in Seaford, New York.?

Question by ayana h: I want to know information regarding drug treatment programs in Seaford, New York.?
For this, I would like to find various drug rehabs so that I may be able to know of the different methods that they employ as well as the different principles and approaches… Continue reading

What Should Making “amends” Mean When Someone Gets Off Drugs?

Question by tihspidaru: What should making “amends” mean when someone gets off drugs?
11 years ago i tried to help a long time childhood friend that was in a rut back in our home town…we grew up together so i felt that i could help him…i bought him a plane… Continue reading

Respiratory Therapist………….?

Question by : Respiratory Therapist………….?
I’m in High School right now and I think I want to become a respiratory therapist. I googled how much they make and the pay is good. I’m aware that a respiratory therapist helps people with breathing problems. Right? If you are a respiratory therapist… Continue reading