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Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Question by Jessie J: Why do I need drug rehab?
I have been a drug user for a year and I haven’t told anyone about it. And if I do decide to get myself into a drug rehab, I would like to do it without anyone having to… Continue reading

Seven Important Truths About How the World Takes Drugs in 2014

Seven Important Truths About How the World Takes Drugs in 2014
The people who put it together gathered feedback from nearly 80,000 drug users and clubbers in their twenties and thirties, from over 40 different countries. Yes, the vast majority of those people seem to be middle-class people without crippling… Continue reading

Editorial: Legal Highs Popular With Kiwis

Editorial: Legal highs popular with Kiwis
According to the Global Drug Survey, drug users who consume synthetic cannabis products are 30 times more likely to seek medical attention than users of traditional, organic cannabis. Weed is the third-most popular drug in the world – after alcohol and …
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Amid Opioid Crisis, Lawmakers Will Consider Banning a New Painkiller

Amid Opioid Crisis, Lawmakers Will Consider Banning A New Painkiller
Fanciullo said lawmakers are right to take a hard look at the new drug, given the state's difficulty in controlling the abuse of prescription painkillers that have been on the market for decades. “Is there an unmet need in pain… Continue reading

I’m Trying to Determine if There Is Any Conclusive Studies That Link Alcohol and Drug Addiction to Genetics?

Question by kenabernethy2004: I’m trying to determine if there is any conclusive studies that link alcohol and drug addiction to genetics?

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Answer by Freak S.
there are studies that show that you are more likely to develop a alcohol/drug addiction but of course there are a… Continue reading

Former Co-Op Boss Paul Flowers Is Charged With Drugs Offences

Former Co-op boss Paul Flowers is charged with drugs offences
The Methodist minister stepped down as the bank's chairman in June, amid claims of illegal drug use and inappropriate expenses payments. He was charged with two counts of possession of Class A drugs – cocaine and methamphetamine – and one… Continue reading

Chinese Celebrity Singer Held for Drug Use

Chinese celebrity singer held for drug use
According to Beijing Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate, Li Daimo had invited drug users to his temporary home in Sanlitun on several occasions since early March. Li was detained for taking drugs with others at his home on March 18. Urine samples …
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Area Officers Will Carry Heroin Antidote

Area officers will carry heroin antidote
Area law enforcement officers are often the first on the scene of a suspected drug overdose, and soon they will be equipped and trained to administer a medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. … drug user's expectation is that …… Continue reading

LARKIN: Program Offers HOPE for Repeat Drug Offenders

LARKIN: Program offers HOPE for repeat drug offenders
We don't know whether we can replicate HOPE's success outside Hawaii, for other substance abuse problems or for other types of offenders. The smart move is to answer those questions before we go all in. In the short run, the necessary studies… Continue reading

Utah Woman Arrested After 7 Dead Babies Found

Utah woman arrested after 7 dead babies found
Family and neighbors identified the estranged husband as Darren West, who has been in prison on drug-related charges. … He said he has used his snow-blower to clean off the driveway of the home and the young women would thank him. The… Continue reading