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Chadwick Woman's Murder Trial in Wyoming Goes to Jury

Chadwick woman's murder trial in Wyoming goes to jury
CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The trial of a 75-year-old Missouri woman accused of shooting her husband almost 40 years ago in Wyoming went to jurors Tuesday after she testified that she acted to protect her toddler daughter from abuse and prosecutors pointed… Continue reading

Few Calif. Police Have Undergone State Mental Health Training

Few Calif. Police Have Undergone State Mental Health Training
However, few have completed an additional 40-hour state-certified Crisis Intervention Training course on assisting individuals with mental health issues, drug use, suicidal behavior and other problems. For example: 12% of police officers in Oakland are …
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Help! I Need to Go to a Drug Rehab but Can’t Afford It, Any Suggestions on How to Find a Sponser?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Help! I need to go to a drug rehab but can’t afford it, any suggestions on how to find a sponser?
SHould I write a newspaper article, contact the news, etc..? If I don’t get help soon, I will die. I am 33 and… Continue reading

Nonprofit Aims to Reduce Drug Addiction

Nonprofit aims to reduce drug addiction
Lindsey Greinke, a recovering drug addict from Everett, started Hope Soldiers in December. After January's successful launch event at Jackson High in Mill Creek, Greinke said, she decided to hold another.
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Australia warned its ice problem is… Continue reading

New Drugs Provide Cure for Hepatitis C, Research Finds

New drugs provide cure for hepatitis C, research finds
While many contracted the virus through illicit drug use, an untold number of boomers are thought to have been infected by tainted blood transfusions before a test for the virus became available in 1992. Even as health experts welcomed the trial… Continue reading

Drug Test in Hawaii How Long Does It Take to Get the Results?

Question by : drug test in hawaii how long does it take to get the results?

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Answer by o0PoSH0o
as long as it takes….

Answer by Rasta
If the result of a drug test is negative it is available in approximately… Continue reading

What Are Some of the Most Extreme Drugs?

Question by Mystique: what are some of the most extreme drugs?
what are some drugs that really make you trip or have hardly any control of your actions? I am NOT going to try any extreme drugs, I am writing a story in which one of the… Continue reading

51 Cabbies Lost Licenses for Drug Use in 2013: Report

51 Cabbies Lost Licenses for Drug Use in 2013: Report
More than 50 cabbies lost their taxi licenses in 2013 after failing cocaine and marijuana tests, more than twice as many who lost their jobs the year before, according to a news report. The New York Post reports that… Continue reading

I Was Wondering if Someone Is on Pain Management for a Long Period of Time and Who Isn’t a Drug Addict.?

Question by : I was wondering if someone is on pain management for a long period of time and who isn’t a drug addict.?
I have been on an off pain management for years. I’m 45 years old now. Now I see a reputable pain management doctor… Continue reading

Drug Testing All Students Would Violate the Fourth Amendment

Drug testing all students would violate the Fourth Amendment
In a recent Vindicator story, Boardman schools Superintendent Frank Lazzeri comments on drug policies: “We are trying to help kids make better decisions. We believe that there is not just a local drug problem, there is a national drug problem.” With… Continue reading