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New Drug Addiction Treatment to Be Offered in Georgia

...  Drug Addiction Treatment to be Offered in Georgia BioCorRx (BICX) said in a news release it clinched a distribution agreement for Atlanta, Georgia with Dr. George Fallieras. The new clinic will be located at 5569 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Ste. 280 Atlanta, GA 30342. The move is expected to benefit… Continue reading

Aaron Carter Opens Up Over Drug Addiction and Bankruptcy

...  Carter opens up over drug addiction and bankruptcy Pop star Aaron Carter has opened up about his past trouble with drug addiction and bankruptcy, revealing his problems started when he participated in reality competition series Dancing with the Stars. The 26-year-old joined the ballroom dancing show in … drug… Continue reading

What’s Best for Babies Born to Drug-Addicted Mothers?

...  best for babies born to drug-addicted mothers? Heroin is also an opioid. Another complication: Drug addiction treatment relies on drugs that can cause neonatal abstinence syndrome. That could make it difficult for prosecutors to untangle which drugs harmed a newborn. So what’s best for babies and … drug addiction… Continue reading

Refilling Darvocet Early?

...  by browneyez08I think with insurance you have to wait the 30 days…but I would make sure with the pharmacy. Why not ask your doc for a different prescription. If you are double dosing you are at risk of addiction. You should try to space out the meds so you… Continue reading

Cop Tells Her Story of Childhood Abuse

...  hard work with children and families in domestic violence situations. “The work we're here about is … In the end … Read more on Post-Tribune  Heroin's Effects Crawl Across America INDIANA: Heroin use reported by addicts getting treatment rose from 2.6 percent in 2001 to 6.6 percent in… Continue reading

Why Do I Need Drug Rehab?

...  are and where I can find one in Florida. Got any ideas? Best answer: Answer by Michael Ayep. by all means go in and give ’em a try. but it didn’t work with me. edit: get your motor running and don’t start me up because I never stop. Peace.… Continue reading

Irsay Bust Spurs Talk of Colts Transition

...  valuation of the … But the suspension was reduced to 21 days after … Read more on Insurance News Net (press release)  Powerful Cause, Awesome Prizes Highlight Minnesota Fishing Challenge "Contestants have a blast catching fish at the best time of the season, while also raising funds for… Continue reading

Should Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs Still Undergo Addiction Treatment?

...  this so that your friend can get herself properly checked up on. Good luck! Answer by Julie LeeThe baby’s chances of defects and chronic illnesses are greater if she remains on heroine. She needs to go to detox now and consult a physician. The physician will likely consult a… Continue reading

As a Doctor, I'd Rather Have HIV Than Diabetes

...  prevent the opportunistic infections that resulted in the development of Aids … Read more on Spectator.co.uk  Summit Set for June as Heroin Deaths Spike in Milwaukee County “After they're done using the opiates and they become very expensive, they move to heroin because it's incredibly cheap right now,… Continue reading

Can a Person With Drug Addiction Be Treated?

...  to help them ween them off of the drug, if it’s urgent, maybe you should take them to the hospital! Answer by Akuwadepends on the person. its very compacted. yes they can change when they are ready they have to learn that on there own. and have to be… Continue reading