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Question About Detoxing My Body?

Question by miles s: question about detoxing my body?
So i have been doing my research and learned that alot of problems i have been having is from a bad digestive system so im trying to detox but its hard to find information about… Continue reading

Will Getting Treatment in REHAB for Drug Addiction Risk You Losing Social Security Disability Benefits?

Question by Shelly: Will getting treatment in REHAB for drug addiction risk you losing Social Security Disability benefits?
If a person who receives Disability through Social Security goes into treatment at a drug facility (rehab) for a drug addiction, will they RISK LOSING… Continue reading

Mallinckrodt to Buy Questcor for Lucrative MS Drug

Mallinckrodt to buy Questcor for lucrative MS drug
The injectable drug, a formulation of pituitary hormones extracted from pigs, is priced at about $ 30,000 per vial. Acthar is expected to touch $ 1.9 billion in sales in 2018, according to Thomson Reuters data. Originally developed as a treatment for… Continue reading

Looking for Alternative Treatment Options for Meth Addiction.?

drug addiction treatment options
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Question by crickslick181: looking for alternative treatment options for meth addiction.?
I have researched until my fingers are numb. Trying to find detox using ibogaine, prometta, or other anti craving drug in New Mexico. Willing to do clinical trials, inpatient, detox w/outpatient. help I am trying… Continue reading

Iowa Parents Seek Access to Cannabis Oil for Medical Treatment

Iowa parents seek access to cannabis oil for medical treatment
Branstad told reporters during his weekly news conference Monday that he is empathetic to those how have medical problems, but he wants to balance their needs in an appropriate way that does not create an unintended consequence of increasing drug… Continue reading

Parents, Talk to Your Kids About Health Risks of Heavy Marijuana Use

Parents, talk to your kids about health risks of heavy marijuana use
When Beck Kilkenny, a student at Minneapolis Community & Technical College, sat down to write the pro-legalization side of an editorial about marijuana for his campus newspaper, he included more than facts and numbers to support his position.… Continue reading

Is SUBOXONE a Narcotic?

Question by getoffmyback: Is SUBOXONE a narcotic?

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Answer by **Anti-PeTA**
Yes it is. 1. What are Suboxone and Subutex?

Subutex and Suboxone are medications approved for the treatment of opiate dependence. Both medicines contain the active ingredient, buprenorphine hydrochloride, which works to reduce the symptoms of… Continue reading

What Is Suboxone For?

Question by Tyler: what is Suboxone for?
I need to know what the uses for Suboxone are. Are they only used for recovering opiate addicts?

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Answer by Mathieu
According to the official American Suboxone Prescribing Information, “SUBOXONE sublingual film is indicated for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence. Prescription… Continue reading

Editorial: N.J. Drug Addiction Study Underscores Deadly Problem Facing State

Editorial: N.J. drug addiction study underscores deadly problem facing state
Starting with the first sentence of its report on a two-year study of New Jersey’s drug problems, the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse doesn’t mince words … problem is his insistence that addiction is not a choice or… Continue reading

Doctors/Med Professionals: Should Illicit Drug Users Get Free Medical Treatment?

Question by JDA: Doctors/Med Professionals: Should illicit drug users get free medical treatment?
I want to know what the medical profession thinks. Please note, I’m from Australia (where there is universal healthcare)

I know many out in the community abuse illicit drugs because of life circumstances- they have… Continue reading